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The 3 Things That a Defense Attorney Will Do For You

We’ve all seen a lot of series where there are lawyers in a courtroom fighting for their case. It’s fun to watch those shows and believe it or not, the things that you see in the movies are close to what is happening in the life of a Defense Attorney. The life of a Defense Lawyer is full of thrill and unexpected things. As a matter of fact, the best words in their dictionary are uncertainty and unpredictable. If you are curious to what are the roles of a Defense Attorney, check this out and see for yourself.

1. Case Assessment

Do you think they are always up on the fun part where they make their statements in a courtroom? No, because that’s just the easy part. A Defense Attorney spends long hours of sleepless nights to be able to assess a case. They would need to evaluate every part of the case and evidence that will be used in court. It’s the dirty work, but it is essential if you want to make a good case for your client.

2. Handling Pleas

It’s a fact that there are numerous instances that a case will be resolved before it goes to court. It’s the power of pleas. As a Defense Attorney, it is your task to get the best deal for your client. It’s not easy because they will go head to head with the prosecution team. We all know that the history of a Prosecution Attorney versus a Defense Attorney.

3. Trying the case

If both parties can’t agree with the plea and there’s no resolution found, it’s the time that the case will be formally taken to court. If the defendant refuses the deal and insists that your party should fight, it’s time for the Defense Attorney to lay out the possible things that can happen and advise his or her client for the options that will be in the defendant’s favor. It’s also the time to prepare most especially if the trial pushes through in front of a jury or just the judge.

It’s hard to be in a Defense Attorney’s shoes, but once you can help your client clear out his name and prove his innocence, nothing feels better than hearing the not guilty verdict.